Ongalo secondary School was started in 1981 as a public school.It was   affiliated from Ongalo primary school which was established in 1943.The need to have a secondary wing came about when the late senior chief Paul Mboya and other members of the community realized that girls and boys from community who could not afford boarding school fees from the then existing boarding schools were disadvantaged.He teamed up with other elders like the late Zephaniah Malit among others.The school admitted its first batch of students in 1981.These students are commonly referred to as `donated students’.They included Maurice Adoyo,Henry Odondi Osumba,Grace Gogo among others.The school did its first national exams in 1982(K.J.S.E.) which they performed well under the headship of Mr Ochieng Bungu.
               It’s worth noting different personalities who have contributed to the development of the school,they include the late Ben Obura,Orinda Sibuor,Mr Erastus Okul of K.P.L,Sam Wakiaga,current B.O.G chairman Mr Simeon Ochieng Hsc and the alumni of the school under the chairmanship of Maurice Adoyo.


Ongalo is a provincial double streamed school with a population of 387 students.Out of these,142 are girls and 245 boys out these a big number are day students not to mention the good boarding facilities that caters for students coming from far.The school has a well established functional departments with our primary objective being to assist learners unravel their potential abilities and talents in school and for future utilization.The school is being managed by a well abled Board of Governors.
Ongalo sec school lies on 12.8 ha piece of land, with an historic  and naturally levelled football fieldsthat has served the region for decades.Apart from putting up structures the school is in the process of   utilizing  a section of the expansive land for food production  so as to cut food costs.

Board of Gorvenors :
Simeon ochieng.                                           Elly Kisera                                                              Crispus Malit


S.O.Mboya                                                    Sarah Okeyo(mrs)                                               Shem Okombo


Timon  Angiro.                                           Pamela Onyango(mrs)                                        Mary Ogana(mrs)


Yonah Angir                                                Michael Osore                                                   Prisca Amolo(mrs)


Our teaching staff is as follows:
1.Mr Samwel O. Mboya –Principal-Kiswahili/Geography.
2.Mrs Lucy A. Odongo-D/Principal-Eng/Lit
3.Mr Duncan Onyango-HOD Science-Chem/Maths
4.Mr Timothy Oretta-Head Academics-Bst/Maths
5.Mr S terling Ouma-Head Humanities-Hist/CRE
6.Mrs Julian Anyango-Head G & E  /  Eng/Lit
7.Mrs Rose Otieno-Head Games-Bio/agri
 8.Mr Jotham Muyumba-Head Languages-Kis/Geo
9.Mr Ebel Okello-Phy/Mat
10.Mrs Isca Osoti-Bst/Maths
11.Mr Johnson Angiro(Mzee wa kazi)-C.R.E/Kisw
12.Mr Ombayi Jacob-hem/Bio
13.Mr.Obuya Joshua-Hist/Geo
Together with a team of 9 support staff.




 Three optional subjects are offered in humanities …

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Guest of honour giving her speech during a past education function



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